Look we don’t mean to brag, but when you’re lucky enough to work at a company with a never ending cake and wine supply, every month is Good Food Month. But that doesn’t mean every July we can’t help but bust out our stretchiest pants and polish our forks in preparation for Brisbane’s tastiest month long event.

Yes, just in time for our yearly promise to finally start that diet and exercise regime, the Good Food Month has returned to the river city, ready to dish up another helping of Brisbane’s finest dining experiences. But if you’re struggling to choose your next culinary adventure, don’t despair! We’ve done all the hard work to pop together a list of our top picks for this year’s ‘must do’ events.

1. Momofoku Seibou dinner at Goma.

There are two kinds of people in the world, those that drool at the mention of ‘Momofoku’ and those that think you’ve just called them something kind of filthy. If like us you’re part of the former, then this event is right up your alley as Paul Carmichael joins the crew at GOMA for an exclusive sensory experience based around the theme ‘ice and fire’.

 2. Vegan and the Vine at Urbane.

On any other day of the week the word ‘vegan’ doesn’t inspire much enthusiasm in the office, but this event is tipped to be a game changer when Yalumba and the talented chefs at Urbane team up for an interactive three course vegan feast with paired wines based entirely around sustainable wine making and cooking. Even the boss is considering making friends with salad for this one.

3. Young Chefs Dinner at Aria

The Thunderdome of culinary adventures, five chefs go in and one fantastic meal comes out! Get ready to sharpen your knives as a selection of the state’s brightest young stars from the likes of Montrachet, The Wolfe and Esquire go clog-to-clog in the Aria kitchen for the ultimate contest of skills. Cue the theme from Mad Max.

young chefs


4. Mark Best at Esquire

Best by name, best by nature, it’s no wonder why Mark Best’s remarkable skills in the kitchen have turned his restaurant Marque into one of the world’s finest eating destinations. Join him on July 13 when he takes over the kitchen at Esquire, serving up five courses of ‘oh my god you have to try this’

5. Matt Moran at Aria.

Maybe it’s the outrageously successful string of restaurants, the sold out cook books and his penchant for lighting up our telly night after night, but we have sneaking suspicion that this guy knows a thing or two about food. Catch the man behind the legend captain his very own kitchen at Aria as he serves up a feast dedicated to all things ‘rare and distinguished’.

Australian Chef Matt Moran photographed at the newly refurbished Opera Bar, which he has taken over. Photographed Wednesday 10th December 2014. Photograph by James Brickwood. SMH NEWS 1411210


6. Luke Ngyuen Degustation at Fat Noodle

Talented, charming and entirely captivating to watch in action, join the masterful Luke Ngyuen as he lights up the kitchen at Fat Noodle for a superb 10 course degustation. Although if we have to be honest, the restaurant’s name is a bone of contention in our office. We prefer ‘fuller figured’ noodle, or ‘curvy and proud’ noodle. We’re sick of the fat shaming Luke, all noodles are beautiful.

7. Ides Vs. Gauge

An ancient oracle tries to warn Caesar salad to ‘beware the ides of July’, little did it know it was going to be stabbed in the back by its secret rival ‘Et tu BRUSSEL SPROUTS’…No, wait. That’s the plot from Julius Caesar. But this extremely intimate chefs table is guaranteed to serve up an equally thrilling story as Cormac Bradfield and Phil Marchant from Gauge and Peter Gunn and Zach Furst from IDES in Melbourne serve up a menu showcasing this seasons best sustainable produce.

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