Martinis and caviar have gone from occasional bedfellows to Page Six-style lovers. Bringing caviar to (more of) the people — whether spooned on their hands to ‘bump’ in one hedonistic lick or as a martini accoutrement — has become something of a trend across New York bars. After all, what’s more glamorous than caviar? 

Midtown quickly caught on to the trend and has taken it to the next level by ‘bumping’ up their menu with bougie New York-style bites. Whether you like your caviar the traditional way, with pacific oysters or with fried jacket potatoes or sour cream & onion Pringles, Midtown has you covered. 

Polanco Oscietra Grand Reserve Caviar

10g – $70 | 30g – $130

Wild Australian Scampi Caviar

10g – $80 | 25g – $130

served with sourdough crostini, crème fraîche

add a Champagne sidecar +$12



Polanco Oscietra Grand Reserve | $20



sour cream & onion Pringles with crème fraîche & Polanco Oscietra Grand Reserve Caviar | $49


3 freshly shucked Tasmanian oysters topped with Scampi caviar | $68

add a Laurent-Perrier sidecar +12


jacket potatoes filled with crème fraîche & topped with Polanco Oscietra Grand Reserve Caviar & chives | $49



Patient Wolf Melbourne Dry Martini

green olives filled with Polanco Oscietra Grand Reserve Caviar | $39

Royal Dragon (Gold Leaf) The Emperor Vodka Martini

green olives filled with Polanco Oscietra Grand Reserve Caviar | $69

If  the sound of caviar, oysters, martinis and champagne doesn’t make you want to throw on a floor-length fur, a red lippy and play pretend as if you’re dining in a high-end grand hotel bar, then you need to experience the new add-ons at Midtown and indulge in a little fun! 

Head to Midtown’s website to find out more about how you can enjoy their lavish, caviar-topped creations. 

Midtown x Caviar

From April 3

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