Motto Motto (known for premium bowls of rice, ramen and curry) is launching an innovative and mouth-watering collection of Japanese-inspired burgers that would tempt any burger enthusiast! 

In true Motto Motto style, the new burger menu offers foodie dreams, with the signature Wagyu Cheese (seared and sliced 6+ marble score Wagyu beef—no mincing or processed patties here!) landing just in time for International Cheeseburger Day on Saturday 18 September.

To celebrate the occasion, the team at Motto Motto is giving away 100 Wagyu Cheese burgers at each restaurant on International Cheeseburger Day, with 2-for-1 Wagyu Cheeses available all day for those who miss out on a freebie! Burger enthusiasts can also enter to win a year of burgers on Motto Motto’s Facebook and Instagram. 

The new burger line-up incorporates premium ingredients such as Aussie Wagyu beef, sow stall-free pork, prawn and lobster, and RSPCA-approved free-range chicken with Japanese-style sauces and accompaniments like yuzu mayonnaise, sake pickles, and sweet/savoury tonkatsu sauce, all served on pillow-soft Motto milk buns. 

The foray into burgers is driven by Motto Motto’s passion to bring a new standard to casual dining, following their tried and true method of smashing together elements of traditional Japanese cuisine with delicious innovation!

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Motto Motto burgers

WAGYU CHEESE | 6+ marble score Wagyu (Limestone Coast, SA), cheese, lettuce, tomato, sake pickles, mustard Japanese mayo

PORK KATSU | Panko-crumbed pork fillet (Northern Rivers, NSW), thinly sliced white cabbage, tonkatsu sauce, traditional Japanese mayo

HOT & SPICY CHICKEN KARAAGE | Hot and spicy Japanese fried chicken (Bendigo, VIC),  lettuce, sake pickles, traditional Japanese mayo

LOBSTER & PRAWN | Lobster and prawn croquette, thinly sliced white cabbage, yuzu Japanese mayo

Free Wagyu Cheese burgers for the first 100 guests

2-for-1 Wagyu Cheese burgers for International Cheeseburger Day

Enter the draw to win a year of Japanese burgers

At all QLD restaurants on Saturday 18 September.