Adding to the rich culinary landscape of West Village, Rich & Rare, born out of the visionary Tassis Group, has now made its debut alongside the group’s well-established venture, Yamas Greek + Drink, in the heart of West End. This latest addition specialises in prime beef and promises an unparalleled dining experience that seamlessly combines top-tier ingredients with an atmosphere of casual elegance.

Rich & Rare warmly welcomes diners seven days a week, offering all-day dining from 11am to 10pm, making it a convenient destination for business lunches and leisurely evening dinners. Guided by the expertise of Michael Tassis, who earned the title of Restaurant & Catering’s 2022 Restaurateur of The Year, and led by the culinary mastery of Chef Cameron Croad, the team brings a wealth of experience and creativity to this exciting new venture.

Rich & Rare’s impressive menu showcases a variety of fifteen distinct steaks, carefully selected and sourced from around the world. Noteworthy menu additions include the locally sourced Wagyu Tomahawk MB5+ from Townsville and the Steak Tartare, meticulously prepared from exceptional quality ingredients. The menu is thoughtfully designed to be flexible, innovative, and satisfying, with even the sides playing a starring role. Don’t miss out on tantalising options like the bone marrow mash, a contemporary twist on classic mashed potatoes, or the Atlantic King Crab to complement your steak.

Located on the vibrant Boundary Street, Rich & Rare effortlessly blends with its bustling surroundings while maintaining a contemporary and elegant ambience. The venue boasts distinctive features that set it apart, including a cylindrical dry-aging room and a meticulously controlled glass wine cellar.

Rich & Rare is poised to make its mark as an ideal host, with a standing capacity for 155 guests, an intimate dining room accommodating up to 10 individuals, and an array of canape, banquet and beverage menu options, all tailored to create the perfect catering experience for any occasion.

Rich & Rare

Open Now

11:00am to 10:00pm, 7 days a week

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For more information on Rich & Rare please contact Nicole via or 0439 075 355.

Rich & Rare makes a fantastic addition to the West Village offerings. With neighbours including Zazu Dining & Bar, Yamas Greek + Drink, Italian Street Kitchen, Cheeky Poke Bar, Harris Farm Markets, Ippin Japanese Dining and other independent restaurants and eateries, there are plenty of culinary options to choose from.