Keep calm and collect data.

As we anxiously await the changes and challenges of the next few months, it’s important to keep prepared for when things are “business as usual” again. While your venue may be limited to takeaway at the moment, your marketing activities can be looking forward; capturing data for your email database is one such activity that will prove invaluable when your doors re-open. Read on for our tips for easy data capture in the time of Corona!

Tip 1: Make it personal

Don’t underestimate the power of manual data capture—if someone comes to your window a couple of times this week, ask them if they’d care to join your database. Typing or writing their name and email yourself (because let’s face it: nobody wants to share a pen at the moment) is a great opportunity to have a chat, and is an easy way to collect data with minimal input required from your guest.

Tip 2: Give something away

If you want someone to give you their name and email, you usually have to give something back! What you incentivise lead generation with doesn’t have to be costly (or even tangible); it might be the chance to win a voucher, a free coffee when they flash their sign-up confirmation, or the recipe for your much-loved dessert that never leaves the menu.

Considering margins and consumer behaviour at the moment, you could consider partnering with other local businesses to make a bigger splash; you could all contribute to a giveaway, all collect sign-ups via your online platforms and in-venue, and then share the leads.  

Tip 3: Use your platforms well

This topic is a good reminder that you should be cross-promoting your platforms anyway! Talk about your Facebook on Instagram, your Instagram in EDMs, and so on… Use phone or computer software to make some simple tiles reminding people that you have a database that can be joined, and don’t forget to give them a link to do it!

If you used to use a platform for bookings, don’t forget that you can extract addresses from there – you might be surprised at how many you haven’t been accessing.  If you do have budget at the moment, some digital ads run across Facebook might also be a worthwhile investment if you’d like to give your database an extra boost.

If you want to talk about other data capture ideas or ways you can grow your database, reach out to us on