With most small hospitality businesses scrambling to promote their refreshed takeaway offerings, now is a great time to harness the social media tools at your disposal, and refine your presence on these platforms.

Data insights company Kantar found that social media use increased by over 60% during March, with visual mediums like Instagram and TikTok taking pride of place at the top end of this growth. 

So how can you make sure your social presence stands out and makes an impression? We’ve gathered some simple ways to up your social media game (without having to master any expensive software!). 

Purpose first

Before dabbling with design for social media, ask yourself what your objective is. If it’s to spread goodwill and humour (if they suit your brand), then a meme-style social tile is a good option. If it’s to share news with your followers (perhaps regarding your hours or special offers), a simple poster-style design will best suit. If you want to affirm your brand and use design as a supporting tool, a quote you like or a fresh cover image are good places to start.

Effective social designs will be simple (remember that most social media is consumed on mobile phones=smaller screens), to-the-point, and on-brand. If you haven’t worked with brand fonts and colours in the past, now is a great time to experiment! 

Start with the colours of your logo, and add complementary or contrasting colours that suit. A handy tool for this is a palette-making software like Colormind, with which you can upload brand colours as hex codes (those six-digit codes), and it’ll generate a palette for you! Check out these simple tiles we’ve made for clients in the past for inspiration.


While design can be intimidating for first-timers, there’s plenty of intuitive and user-friendly software out there to help you design tiles, stories, and covers! Some can be used on your computer, while plenty of apps can be downloaded and used on your phone or tablet to design on-the-fly.


Probably the most powerful free design tool available online. Canva has plenty of beautiful templates that you can easily customise with your own colours and imagery, and (if you upgrade to the affordable premium suite) even with your own fonts.

A tool like Canva is useful for the slightly more confident DIY designer, and has added benefits like being able to add your logo to brand your social designs, draw on the great suite of templates, and remove the guesswork from sizing designs for use on different platforms. There’s an app for use on mobile, too, but we recommend the web version on desktop.


Previously only available as an app, Over is an easy-to-use and attractive software that’s now available online too. While it’s not quite as comprehensively capable as Canva, Over wins in terms of simplicity, especially if you’re just looking at simple image and text combos. Over is our pick for use as a mobile app, too.


This one’s for the photographers! If your social strategy is based on photos, Afterlight is an invaluable tool for editing, and can make an iPhone shot look like a professionally captured masterpiece! The latest version of this app also includes the ability to add text and visual elements, so if you’re looking to make simple announcement tiles and stories using your original imagery, Afterlight’s your guy. You might need a size guide, though—we like this one by EDIT.

Scheduling apps

Working on your social strategy and design is great, but they only work if you actually remember to post! Instagram’s algorithm rewards consistent posting (not necessarily volume), and effective social media use is the simplest way to keep your business at the top of your followers’ buying intentions, so making sure your content is set to roll evenly is crucial.

If you often find yourself forgetting to post/make the time to look after your socials, a tool like Later might help. While there are plenty of paid scheduling services for social media (we use Sked Social for our clients) Later is helpful in that it’s free (with paid options available should you need), you can draft your post’s visuals and caption, and set a posting time. Simple!

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