Never underestimate the power of a micro-influencer. 

Since the dawn of influencers, advertising met a more ‘organic’ outlet. 

Yes, there are hundreds of influencers whose loyal fans will jump on every suggested product, but micro-influencers too have substantial followings and impact, minus the hefty collaboration price tag (great news for you!). 

We personally love engaging with micro-influencers. Our favourites usually have between 3,000 and 10,000 followers, and they are always a pleasure to work with on promoting various campaigns and promotions. 

If you’re tempted to reach out to micro-influencers post-COVID, that’s fantastic! Here are a few more points and tips to guide you on your way. 

Point 1

Find an influencer from your area – not just in the same city, but one who consistently engages with your local community. By doing so, you’re more likely to resonate with an audience who will be interested in/able to buy that new burger, or visit the new venue you’ve just opened. 

Point 2

Remember, this method of marketing is a cost-effective way to reach an extensive audience. Micro-influencers won’t ask for hundreds of dollars; instead, offer your promotional product for free, or if you’re planning on inviting them to a launch party, make sure there’s free food and other desirable thank you gifts awaiting their arrival! 

Point 3

Make sure to lay out your expectations. If you’d like the micro-influencer to create one static social post and two Instagram stories promoting your offer, let them know! Include any hashtags you’d like used, anyone that needs to be tagged, and other dos and don’ts that are relevant to your campaign. 

Point 4 

Don’t forget to use their content on your own platforms. Once the wonderful micro-influencer uploads their post or story, work that into your own social schedule! This shows your existing followers that your venue is the place to be, or that your product is something they MUST have. 

One of our favourite annual events promoted by micro-influencers is Rosé Revolution – stay in the loop by following the Instagram account!