La Costa collective launch


To generate launch-period interest and awareness of each of the four La Costa venues (La Costa Restaurant and Bar, Cielo rooftop bar and La Valle wine bar) in line with the three-phase launch strategy.

 As the La Costa venues were replacing a set of sites that were recently occupied by other operations, the strategy had to clearly and distinctly position the four venues as part of wider collective all calling the same building home, and with a singular source of inspiration in the Italian Riviera.


We worked to frame the venues as distinct but related from the first release, which introduced La Costa Bar and Cielo rooftop bar, and was underpinned by the relationship with Australia’s #1 bar, Maybe Sammy.

 Consequent releases were designed to follow-on from the success of the one prior, with the final phase (launching La Costa Restaurant) emphasising the relationship between all four.


• Over 5,627,000 potential media impressions

• Coverage in local and state media

• Booked-out openings for all four venues