To generate interest and ticket sales for the inaugural SCOOP! festival at HOTA, Home of the Arts on the Gold Coast. 

As this was the first festival of its kind for the site, a major objective was awareness to establish a solid base for the festival to potentially become an annual event for the popular HOTA community space.


An exclusive in The Courier-Mail was secured prior to launching the PR campaign to wider media, resulting in a strong first impression and plenty of trickle-down pick-up from smaller local outlets.

In conjunction with a detailed press release distributed to lifestyle, entertainment and news media across national, state and local tiers, the PR campaign for SCOOP! was also supported by a media call offering interviews and photo opportunities at the site ahead of the event, which resulted in a second phase of coverage in many publications that had already reacted to the press release.

To optimise for general awareness in addition to ticket sales, media brands including digital platforms (blog and social media), radio and broadcast stations and major and niche print outlets were contacted, resulting in a diverse and effective strategy that positioned SCOOP! at HOTA as a thrilling, unique and enticing event ahead of possible future iterations.


• Major broadcast media coverage (Channels 7,9,10)

• Mention in 31 publications across national, state and local media

• Over 8,040,000 potential media impressions