Pitcher Perfect Changes at the Pineapple Hotel

A brand new chapter is brewing at Brisbane’s long-loved Pineapple Hotel, but for the Kangaroo Point icon, it’s as much an homage as a step forward. In August, doors opened on Helsby’s Ale House, a newly-refurbished bar touting independent brews.

Here, the Pineapple Hotel goes one step beyond Australian icon, supporting local and interstate brewers on its thirty-two taps, with sixteen beers featured. And while the concept behind the redesigned Public Bar is a new one, stepping through the doors will cast locals into nostalgic fondness.

Helsby’s Ale House is named after long-time Pineapple Hotel resident, Joe Helsby, a familiar face among the bar from 1952 – 2002 – and the face behind the name is just as much of a throwback. Refurbs have stripped the hotel back to its original pressed metal ceiling, exposed brickwork, and leadlight windows.

‘We’ve retained a lot of the old character of the bar, parts of which date back over 100 years. The goal was to develop a truly incredible beer bar that meshes with the tradition of the Pineapple Hotel,’ says beer enthusiast Les Riddell.

Forget new-age bars overburdened with pale ales: at the taps, Les has focused on sourcing the best examples of each beer style. It’s expected the tap list will change weekly, if not daily, with the bar’s personalised beer, Helsby’s House Lager, standing at the helm.

Beer-friendly snacks will pass over the bar from 12pm – 9pm daily, toppling hunger with plates of yakitori skewers, pulled pork tacos, barbeque corn, and charcuterie boards. From 3pm, nibbles turn into full-sized servings, with offers of wood-fired pizzas and burgers to meet the schooner in your hand.

Like the rest of the hotel, part of Helsby’s charm lies in its thoughtful design. Beer-loving guests will find their every need among the thirty-two taps, but otherwise-inclined palates are welcomed to explore the eclectic range of whisky, gin and rum on the back bar. For visitors on the move, growler and squealer bottles are available to takeaway for most of the beers available.



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