The Liquidity team is an eclectic bunch, but between their individual strengths, quirky differences and a shared love of wine, they’ve created a strong brand that seamlessly integrates everything you need in a communication agency. Get to know the team behind the portfolio, including important details such as who to go to in a grammar emergency and what snacks are a favourite in the office.


Vertically challenged, long-time Chardonnay fan and forever without food in the fridge (she has been known to store scarves in there), Amelia is the ‘Al Capone’ of the Liquidity office; albeit less likely to have you knocked off… most days. After more than 15 years climbing the hospitality ladder all over town, Amelia ditched her hospitality blacks and started up Liquidity HQ. She’s always ready to discuss her latest creative marketing idea, preferably over a wine.


With an extensive background in advertising, our resident production manager and wine aficionado, Nic, knows her way around logistics better than anyone else in the office. Her unparalleled biz experience make her an invaluable support and wealth of knowledge to Team Liquidity. Watch out though, she’s an up-and-comer in the Insta-blogging game and when she’s not in the office she’s ‘gramming her latest meal, drink or live music experience!


Born and raised in steamy Darwin, it’s no wonder Amanda’s got some of the hottest management skills in the office. With a degree in journalism, some killer organisation skills, and the requisite Liquidity foodie obsession, Amanda spends her time managing a suite of clients and projects (when she’s not binge-watching reality TV, that is).


As much a wiz in the kitchen as she is when crunching numbers, our accounting guru Kaela ticks all the boxes when it comes to food and finance. After six years working as a veterinary nurse, Kaela switched up puppies for parfait and payrolls at Liquidity – and we couldn’t be happier! When she’s not cooking up delish slow-cooked roasts in the oven or working towards her Diploma in Accounting, you can spot Kaela lazing on the coast with her two beautiful kids.


Hailing from the city of sails in New Zealand (so she knows a good sale when she sees one), Sarah from Auckland is the marketing guru every company wants on their side! Don’t let her youth fool you – Sarah reps a comms degree alongside boundless experience in the PR industry. We’re not pulling the wool over your eyes – when it comes to account managing at Liquidity, Sarah holds the key…kiwi.


Sophie has climbed the ranks from pouring shots to calling the shots as one of Liquidity’s best and brightest account managers!  This girl came repping some serious experience in big stadium events. Having previously worked the Brisbane International and 2018 Commonwealth Games! (#goals). When she’s not Russell-ing up a full PR roll out, or a sneaky rosé, you can spot Sophie at the New Farm markets before nabbing a drink at her favourite bar.


With a Bachelor’s in journalism and a Master’s in communication, Georgia is a wine-loving word nerd with her finger on the pulse of Brisbane’s foodie scene. After stints working fine dining in Japan and specialty coffee all over Brisbane, Georgia’s professional experience includes music journalism, tech industry copywriting, and big marketing agency hours. Catch her on the weekend at her local farmer’s market, or rolling out a batch of fresh pasta at home – wine in hand, of course.


Judit is the sparkle we never knew we were missing until she sashayed into our lives with her camera and her tripod and made us more excited for food photography than we ever knew was possible. We’re positive there’s no one out there who gets as enthusiastic about crisp white linen napkins and perfectly placed garnishes as she does, and pray she never decides to up and move back to her home country of Hungary – because we might just have to go with her.


Tex-Mex lover and junior designer Rache doesn’t taco too much – she let her creations speak for themselves. Aside from an impressive earring game that puts the rest us to shame, this queen of the GIFs reps an extensive resume in content creation, social media management, and graphic design. When she’s not putting her artsy skills to work at Liquidity, Rache spends her days eating her way through Brisbane or scribbling up the next great Monet.


Variety is the spice of life, and nobody embodies this better than our man Nik! Bringing the chill vibes with him all the way from Serbia, Nik not only has an eye for coding, full stack web development, and snacking, but also shines behind the lens as one of Liquidity’s inhouse photographers. When it comes to…well, anything and everything, he’s always there in the Nik of time!


With the talent of tapping out quirky, hilarious copy at lightning speed, don’t let Nicole’s quiet demeanour fool you – she’s a creative whiz behind the keyboard. Boasting a background in journalism studies and a knack for bringing brownies into the office (um, winner!), Nicole’s love for a good pun is only trumped by her love affair with food.


Ever since Jacqui burst into Liquidity we’ve been singing her praises. Sneaking in before she’d even finished uni – smart cookie – Jacqui’s background in journalism and her love of food made her a no brainer for the role of account coordinator. As bubbly as her favourite tea, when she’s not typing up the  perfect copy, you can find Jacqui at the karaoke bar or eating her way through Sunnybank’s Marketsquare.

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