Something we’ve never had enough of is time. Now, there’s plenty of it – but how will this impact our personal lives and professional growth in the near future? 

While the answer to that question is completely subjective, every spare minute spent in self-isolation has opened up a new world of opportunities. 

Before clicking through to Netflix, let’s take a moment to contemplate what else you’d like to add to the 2020 daily planner you bought with such high expectations.

Is it finally time to plan your dream business venture? Do you just want to reignite your passion for creativity? We’ve compiled four key tips on how to make the most out of this year’s unprecedented gift through learning, yearning, and growing:

Tip 1: Test new business ideas

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, many of you have a steadfast drive to take your workplace in exciting new directions. Your ideas could vary from a simple day-to-day online platform upgrade to a larger project with beneficial long-term properties – but an idea is an idea, and you now have plenty of time to see where that idea takes you.

Determine whether your idea will logistically translate to the real world, and if it does, get to work! Do your research, plan the steps necessary to enforce said idea, and pitch it to the right people. Even if your idea doesn’t pass, you’ve gotten the ball rolling. Your time will come. 

Tip 2: Time for upskilling

You already have a valuable skill set, but it doesn’t hurt to have more knowledge up your sleeve! 

A number of online learning platforms offer free audited courses, including the likes of UQ, and other universities and learning institutes found on edX

Here’s a handful of our top picks:

Introduction to Business Ownership 

Evidence-based Practice in Management

Introduction to Project Management

Business Communication  

Marketing in the Digital World

Strategic Brand Management

Basic 3D Animation

iOS App Development for Beginners  

Tip 3: Work-life balance

Working a 45-hour week was probably taking more of a toll than you realised. Now, you still might be knuckling down behind a keyboard at home, but you have more time to make priceless memories with your family or to simply put on a load of washing (that’s been sitting in the basket for just shy of a month). 

Even once everything returns to normal, maintaining a healthy work-life balance will do wonders for your wellbeing and productivity. See if you can work from home at least once a week, or try to wrap up your day before the sun sets. Balance is key! 

Tip 4: Push yourself and your business forward

Our new mantra: keep moving forward. There’s no guidebook for how we should be feeling right now, and a lot of us are uneasy about constant uncertainty, but one thing is a given – everything will pick up again once this pandemic is over. Non-essential businesses will reopen, there will be a demand for hospitality, there will be a demand for events, for marketing – for all of us. 

Keep your head and your hopes up, especially with the support of the government’s Job Keeper program in place. The possibility to stay employed gives us all the opportunity to think about the future, and push towards that. Come up with a new gameplan, start working on your comeback, and you will return stronger than ever before. 

If one of your business plans happens to involve us, please feel free to reach out at – we’d love to have a chat.