Whether we like it or not (how can I purge my feed of dancing teenagers!?), Instagram’s Reels is here to stay and taking up more digital real estate than ever! Short videos of up to 30 seconds, Reels feel like Instagram Stories that don’t go away—they live on their own tab on your profile (and on your main feed, if you like).  

Creating Reels for your hospitality business can help grow your social following and reach, communicate your brand values in a fresh format, and allow you to experiment with video content without hiring an exxy videographer!

Some good points to remember when creating Reels for your business are

  • a lot of people watch mobile video content without sound
  • you can add text on the Reel as well as in the caption
  • Reels can be tagged with up to 30 hashtags
  • Reels max out at 30 seconds, and can be as short as you like

With those basics out of the way, now it’s time for the fun part: exploring how you can use Reels as part of your social media strategy!

1. Showcase your menu

People LOVE researching the menu on Instagram before visiting a restaurant to see what looks good, so Reels are a great way to share some of the love and care that goes into the final product, or maybe even a step-by-step so people can recreate a favourite dish at home.

You could use Reels to showcase each element of a dish, or to introduce your weekly specials. Remember that you can either upload continuous videos or stitch together smaller clips; think about which style will best suit your concept. 

2. Expose yourself (in a good way…)

Spotlighting your team and sharing behind-the-scenes moments are genuine ways to communicate your brand values and encourage people to form an affinity for everything you do!

Publish mini-interviews with staff including basics like their name and role, and branded fun facts (What’s your favourite cocktail on the menu? What’s your favourite memory while working here?), do a walk-through of your function spaces, and introduce the guy who delivers your eggs/bread/peppers!

3. Make trends work for you

A huge part of Reels that transferred over from its predecessor, TikTok, is trends (and they’re not just dancing teenagers…). These trends see creators using the same soundtracks or structures in a memetic way, and provide a great opportunity for you to share some insightful glimpses into the BTS and mission of your business.

We recommend keeping things light-hearted, short and snappy, and only jumping on trends while they’re current (nobody likes a Reel that’s late to the party!) to maximise the engagement your Reel will get from viewers who are familiar with the trend.

As with all social media activities and new formats, don’t be disheartened if it takes you a while to get into the swing of Reels! Ultimately, the brand-building and social growth potential is something most businesses could benefit from. 

If you’re interested in learning about social media marketing packages including Reels, get in touch with us on hello@liquiditymarketing.com.au