After businesses being forced to close or significantly change their offering, consumers being stuck at home and desperate for social opportunities, and with six months left in the rollercoaster that is 2020, now is a better time than ever to explore that value that events can add to your annual marketing strategy.

While you might tremble at the thought of budgeting for, planning, and delivering an event in the post-COVID market, it’s important to remember that events don’t have to be large, flashy affairs to make an impact! In the past, we’ve seen great results for clients with smaller-scale events that require minimal investment and set the foundations for ongoing business moving forward.

While we love the entire process for events of all scope and scale (we’re talking 10 guests to thousands), below we’ve shared some of the reasons you should consider a micro-event to give your return to post-COVID trade a memorable boost, and why they’ll benefit you in the long run.


While events themselves only happen for a couple of hours, they’re a strong opportunity to encourage guests to engage with your business on social media through posts and stories, both of which come with the added benefit of increasing your awareness. If you’re pushing hard for awareness and user-generated content, you could also consider a giveaway for your pick of the content uploaded to a certain hashtag during your event. In addition to social media, the contacts you gather as a result of ticket sales/registration will be invaluable additions to your database for remarketing in the future.

To make a micro-event concept available to more potential guests, why not consider a recurring concept, weekly/monthly? One Liquidity client, Customs House, saw exceptional engagement with private igloo spaces with a winter-themed menu and drinks to match (and plenty of photo opportunities!), with private bookings available every weekend for the duration of winter.


While it’s easy to rack up a large bill with events (we always have to say a fond farewell to something on the moodboard…), micro-events are a great option to control your spend and know exactly how many guests you can expect and accommodate.

Some ideas to control costs and effectively budget your takings include package options (like a dinner with set courses and drinks), or a token system (whereby guests exchange tokens for their food/drinks). To control costs where clients have smaller budgets, we sometimes offer a drink on arrival and let guests purchase drinks for the remainder of the event.


If you haven’t explored planning and hosting events as a marketing opportunity before, we recommend starting with manageable handfuls! Offering tickets to a micro-event to your existing database is a great place to test the waters, get feedback from people who already engage with your business, and give your existing database a perception of value.

Because micro-events don’t have the luxury of a large capacity, it’s important to tailor the offering to a specific market so your promotions and sales can be targeted. Only offer lunch and dinner, for instance? Set up a bottomless brunch event to target the huge weekend brunch market. Do you serve a certain cuisine? Celebrate their national day with an exclusive party! Trust us: there’s always an angle worth building an event around.

The options for targeted micro-events are endless—get in touch on to discuss how we could make events work for your business.